Why does Cisco VPN Client minimize to task bar and cannot be maximised ?

Hey Guys,

This is a good question that may be asked thousand or even million times on the internet.

Why does Cisco VPN Client minimize to task bar and cannot be maximised?

Well, I do not know why it happens for Cisco VPN but I know how to fix it 🙂

you just need to follow these five steps:

  1. go tho this address :

        C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Systems\VPN Client
Address can be different based on the directory that you have chosen during installation. I am using windows 10 and this the directory that I have installed my VPN. ( Are you surprised that how I installed Cisco VPN Client on windows 10? Ok check my blog I already explained it there)

  2. In the directory look for vpnclient.ini  and open the file in the notepad.
Note : before you change anything in this file, please make a backup.

3. Inside the file look for :


Note: maybe the numbers are different on your file.

4. As you can see these numbers are so big, you need to change it to something smaller, for example 1000 or even less. up to you.

5. Save the file and open Cisco VPN Client and enjoy it.

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How Use Cisco VPN Client on windows 10?

Hey Guys,

I am sure there are plenty users outside that are still using Cisco VPN Client. I should say that by default Cisco VPN Client does not work on windows 10. you may get different errors after upgrade to windows 10. regardless the error that you are getting, please follow the below instruction to run your Cisco VPN Client without any problem.

  1. Remove Cisco VPN Client.
  2. Install sonic64
  3. Restart your Machine
  4. .Install Cisco VPN Client
  5. You need to change some values in registry:
    HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE/SYSTEM/ CurrentControlSet/ Services/CVirtA
    please look for Displayname ( it is a key in right side panel)
  6. Open the DisplayName and change the value to :
    Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows
    by default value maybe be like this :
     %@12393^0TCisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows
    it means you need to remove all extra characters in front of “Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows”
    after that you can use the Cisco VPN Client happily.

Note :

  1. Just remove those funny characters in Displayanme not other things.
  2. This solution works for most of the errors that you may get after upgrading to windows 10 but still I cannot guaranty that it works for all.
  3. If you do not have sonic64, please send email to me : janfeshan.mehran@gmail.com, I will try to send it to you ASAP
  4. I suggest you to uninstall Cisco VPN Client before you upgrade to windows 10. it can cause problem in some Machines same as HP Omen.

I hope this can help you.