How can prevent Open Redirection attack in MVC ?

What is Open Redirection attack?

When redirection URL passed to the function as parameter in the URL, the Open Redirection attack could be happened. For example the user attempts to open a page in your website but he is redirected to the Login page because this page is just available for the website users. You may ask where the problem is? Please take a look at this two example:(These links are just sample, they do not work !)



The first address, redirects users to the Home/Index after successful Login but the second address redirects users to the Unknown website, it means the second address is manipulated by the hackers. Let me show you how can prevent this Open Redirection Attack.

private ActionResult Redirect(string returnUrl)
            if (Url.IsLocalUrl(returnUrl))
                return Redirect(returnUrl);
                return RedirectToAction("Index", "Home");

This function checks the Return URL if finds that the Return URL wants to redirect users to the outside of the site, it changes Return URL to the Home/Index. It is strongly recommended to use this function if you want pass Return URL as parameter in URL.


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