What is Git and why should I use Git?

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I believe, If Microsoft starts working on something or if it buys a start-up company you must take it serious. We all know that Microsoft left behind in so many things same as Mobile, tablet and even Cloud that’s why it is trying to buy new companies or include new technologies inside its product . Any way I want to talk about Git as Microsoft supports it.

Let see what Git is:

I am sure most of you heard about source control if even you have not used it yet. Source control is not a new term in developing and programing world. Developers always were looking for a tool that can help them to keep track of the changes on the code and help them to control the version of application.  Demands for source control became more and more as IT industry expanded its own in every angle of our life. And development companies needed source control to let different member of a team work in one project at same time to develop it faster. Microsoft came with Source Safe and then upgrade it to TFS (team foundation server) and of course other companies came with other source control same as PVSC, Vault, and Perforce and etc.  I can say all of these products were awesome and still TFS is one the first choice for most of Microsoft based developer. But as a developer we always must look around for better options. One of the best option is Git. Git is an open source, source control which is developed by founder of Linux (Linus Torvalds) at that time he wanted to have a source control with special features for linux development team, finally he found out that there is no such product in the market so he decided to build his own source control and finally he came with Git, if you want to read more about the history of Git you can find it here.

Basically there are two types of source code control

  1. Centralized source control same TFS and source Safe.
  2. Distributed source control same Git.

In centralized source control live connection to the server is mandatory for any check in and check out and all clients must get the latest version from centralized repository. But on the other hand in distributed source control, each client has all source code plus all the histories of source code, and also each client has own repository, but it does not mean that there is no centralized repository.

I should say that the logic behind centralized and distributed is totally different, that’ why when someone like me wants to move from TFS to Git, he may feel uncomfortable and I am sure you may tell yourself that TFS is much more better. I should say that this kind of feeling when you are moving from current source control to Git is very normal. But once you understood the concept of Git, you can see that Git is much more better than your current source control and it will give you much freedom and features that you cannot have it in an application same as TFS. First I wanted to record a video and show you how to use TFS but later I found a very good recorded video and I decided to post the link here, I suggest you before start any search about Git, watch this video. It can help you a lot and you may not need any other tutorial.

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